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Problems and troubleshooting of feedback suppressors.

Feedback suppressor: feedback suppressor's main function is to prevent system to produce back to lose, protect the speaker equipment, said the adjustment under the electronic frequency divider when some problems need to be aware of and troubleshooting:

1, in the use of microphone feedback inhibition, had better look for a few commonly used microphone, and when to adjust to change the position of the microphone, can put a little background music or when adjustment to the microphone to speak some words, which will make you sound field are more active, more conducive to accurate and fast find the frequency of the acoustic feedback.

2. If there is a pressure limiter in the system, please pay attention to the straightener, and then recover after adjustment. Other audio processing equipment in the system, such as mixer, equalizer, exciter, frequency divider and effector, should be adjusted to normal working conditions.

3, pay attention to check the system used in the feedback suppressor of the music signal and the resolution of the microphone feedback signal, the detection method is: turn off all the receiver, the feedback suppressor concatenated in any music signal channel, had better put a disco music, increasing the volume of this channel, if it is found that feedback suppressor began to work, and seriously affected the quality, it proves that this feedback suppressor is still not perfect.

4, have a bit need special attention: if you have to adjust the feedback suppressor, that in the process of live performances, do not press the Reset button, because it will take you set all parameters to clear before, the feedback suppressor became just the factory of the original state, it is very dangerous, system is likely to appear strong noise, serious when still can damage the equipment.

5, some feedback suppressor with automatic and manual work and so on way to choose, if you think you are quite perfect adjustment, the acoustical feedback of the system is not going to happen, then you can put the feedback suppressor in manual or lock mode, keep the equipment in the original parameters already so, also will not change because the device error detection, false start has adjusted parameters.

6. There is also a point: the feedback suppressor is unable to suppress the sound feedback and adjust the sound field, and the adjustment of the sound field needs to have a special analog multi-segment room equalizer or professional digital parametric equalizer. Example of feedback suppressor failure:

Have a friend and I said since they put a feedback suppressor there after voice becomes very boring, I know it's the problem of feedback suppressor, must have the normal music signal was as a feedback signal to "suppress", I went to put the machine in the feedback inhibition of clear all memory parameters, restore factory Settings, and then put the receiver back after losing points to find I put feedback suppressor in manual work mode, it ruled out the fault. In the past, many sound engineers complained that the sound was bad after adding the feedback suppressor, which is actually the problem above. Of course we don't think adding a few feedback suppressor to be able to avoid a 100% back to lose, don't expect the current feedback suppressor can really tell a which is music signal which is 100% of the microphone feedback, the truth is normal music signals tend to give feedback suppressor beyond recognition, but harmful to the microphone feedback voice but can not get good control. There are also a number of sound feedback points in the sound system, and the feedback suppressor is not sufficient for the 10 filters in each channel. So the use and evaluation of the feedback suppressor is a matter of opinion.

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