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Problems and failures to pay attention to digital effectors.

Digital effects: digital effects is processing, manufacturing all kinds of sound field effect, and reverberation effect of peripheral audio equipment, the following said some problems need to be aware of when using the effect and the effect is prone to failure.

1, in engineering construction, in order to beautiful and professional, a lot of technical personnel like the effect device installed inside the cabinet, do this seemingly normal and reasonable, but the effect is most vulnerable to outside interference signal, the equipment with numerous cabinet, plus from the cabinet to the longer line between mixer, these are serious interference effect, effect is transmitted to the signal has a lot of noise in the mixer, serious when can all be noise can't use. So when the device is installed, it's better to put the effector next to the mixer, but don't stack it with the wireless microphone and the disc machine. Such a convenient operation, can flexibly change the effect we need; The most important thing is to reduce the interference. I'm sure there are a lot of sound engineers who don't realize this, and you can do it yourself.

2, there are some effects when we choose a good effect, also need to click the "lock" button, otherwise the program number has been flashing, said the program has not been activated, unless we know the original common programs at this moment, otherwise don't blind to lock in another program we unknown effect, because some sound effect program out comparison "terrorist and strange", some of the program signal output level is very high, if you chose such program, it may cause serious phone back to the serious deterioration of lost or tone.

3, now most effect transformation from one program to another program, the middle is to have a conversion time, this paragraph of time effect, no effect to the output device, although less than a few seconds, but if the performance of transformation effect, still can let a person aware of when we should try to avoid this kind of phenomenon.

4, the effect if the operation is not at the time, also can produce acoustic feedback, the feedback is generally continued, unreasonable drum sound feedback is short and strong, for example in a mixer, if we from AUX6 send signals to effect, if after dealing with the effect of device output 2 signal to the mixer of the 23-24 road, so the 23-24 AUX6 knob of the two channels don't opened, otherwise just after dealing with the effect of implement of the signal will flow back to the effect. From this, the AUX and the effector will form a cycle again, when the loop level gain exceeds a certain range, will produce the acoustic feedback phenomenon. Of course to have good voices in a set of sound system on fx to handle alone is not enough, also need to systems that can be a very good direct sound, then with the appropriate sound effect, such ability can achieve perfect vocal effects as much as possible.

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